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Call Center Solution

Do you have your own medical call center or want to start your own call center? Use this robust call center software platform to manage your patient phone calls.

Nurse Triage on Call

We provide 24/7 access to an experienced registered nurse to assist patients and ensure appropriate level of care.

My Triage Checklist

Use this Schmitt-Thompson-powered electronic Checklist and nurse telephone triage software for your daytime patient phone calls.

Our mission is to continue to lead the field of nurse triage. We commit our expertise, compassion and reliability to services that exceed expectations of medical professionals and their patients.

What makes us the leading provider of nurse triage solutions:

Commitment to Excellence

Our mission is to be the best in class in everything nurse triage. We use protocols established by the leading authorities in pediatric and adult phone triage care – Bart Schmitt, MD and David Thompson, MD.  Our URAC accreditation demonstrates our commitment to quality.


Proprietary Telemedicine Technology

Our proprietary call center software platform is designed by doctors, nurses and PhD’s based on their practical experience in telephone medicine, nurse triage and business.

Knowledge and Expertise

TriageLogic provides nurse triage software and services to thousands of physicians nationwide. We have a team of experts including PhD and MDs that study data, publish articles in best practices for improved patient care, nursing, and return on investment.  We publish articles and videos about the practice of nurse triage.

Custom Solutions

We create leading edge telephone medicine technology based on practical experience and a thorough understanding of the field. We offer comprehensive after-hours nurse triage services and innovative web-based telephone triage software systems for use in both institutional and private healthcare practice settings.

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From Triagelogic Blog

November 2015

Remaining Objective on Difficult Triage Calls

Remaining Objective on Difficult Triage Calls Printable Version As a healthcare professional, providing quality care to patients is the number one priority. Most patients are friendly and thankful for the advice and care given, but occasionally a caller can be

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Could Telehealth Save Medicare?

Could Telehealth Save Medicare? Print this Article Currently, Medicare is waning under the pressure of much of America’s population living longer than they system can support. With this in mind, the healthcare system is desperately in need of innovative ways

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Patient Data: September- October 2015

Patient Data: September- October 2015 Print this Article As November begins, so does the cold and flu season. Patient calls to our nurse triage phone lines also increase, with patient calls peaking in the months of December and January. “It

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October 2015

Triage Protocols – Why Use Them and How do They Work?

Triage Protocols – Why Use Them and How do They Work?   Watch this short video to get an overview of triage protocols and the importance of using protocols when evaluating patients over the phone. Triage Protocols are specialized algorithms

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Salmonella Outbreak and other Foodborne Illnesses: Tips for Patients and Providers

Salmonella Outbreak and other Foodborne Illnesses: Tips for Patients and Providers   Printable PDF On September 3, 2015 (ironically during national food safety month) the CDC and FDA announced a large outbreak of food-borne illness from Salmonella- contaminated cucumbers. Schmitt

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