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We have partnered with Drs. Barton Schmitt and David Thompson to make the industry standard triage protocols available in our software.

TriageLogic uses protocols established by the leading authorities in pediatric and adult triage care – Barton Schmitt, MD and David Thompson, MD. These protocols are presented in the most efficient and easy-to-use format available, which dramatically decreases call-processing time for nurses.

About the protocol authors

Barton D. Schmitt, MD, FAAP, Triage Protocol author Barton D. Schmitt, MD, FAAP is Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, and Director of the Sleep Disorder Clinic and Encopresis-Enuresis clinic at The Children’s Hospital of Denver. He has written more than 100 articles as well as the book Pediatric Telephone Protocols. Dr. Schmitt received the 2004 American Academy of Pediatrics Education Award.
David Thompson, MD, Triage Protocol author David Thompson, MD is board certified in emergency medicine and internal medicine, and is on the emergency department clinical faculty at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago. He is the author of Adult Telephone Triage Protocols 2nd Edition.

What features should you look for in telephone triage protocols?

Telephone Triage Nurses evaluate the seriousness of a caller’s condition based on the symptoms. Because of the variety of ages and reasons for the phone call, the triage protocols have to be extremely comprehensive, need to be re-evaluated regularly, and need to give targeted advice based on the symptoms and disposition of the caller. Schmitt-Thompson protocols have all the features necessary to make it the best in class protocols for patient care. For more information about features that make Schmitt-Thompson protocols effective, see Telephone Triage Clinical Content: Important Aspects.

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Complete List of Pediatric Triage Protocols

Complete List of Adult Triage Protocols

Important Aspects for Effective Clinical Content

Telephone Triage Clinical Content: Important Aspects

Sample pediatric triage protocols

Pediatric Cough
Pediatric Earache
Pediatric Jaundice – Newborn
Pediatric Trauma – Head
Pediatric Vomiting

Sample adult triage protocols

Adult Abdominal Pain – Male
Adult Diabetes – High Blood Sugar
Adult Diarrhea
Adult Pregnancy – Decreased Fetal Movement
Adult Trauma – Foot and Ankle

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